ISVS aims to promote Vascular Surgery as a distinct medical specialty worldwide through dissemination of administrative, scientific and clinical knowledge and the creation of strategic alliances; educate other healthcare professionals, government agencies and the general public concerning the unique services and valuable benefits provided by Vascular Surgery practitioners who are well trained and committed to the specialty in all its nuances; identify and provide recognition to individuals who meet certain guidelines, which qualify them as, committed and accomplished vascular surgeons; provide scholarships, travel, poster and abstract awards to fellows in training, in an effort to improve the delivery of care in their respective country.

The International Union of Angiology (IUA) is a society for vascular biology, vascular medicine, vascular surgery, endovascular interventions, and phlebology. The IUA provides a focus for scientific endeavours across the complete spectrum of arterial, venous, and lymphatic disorders, which are represented by the blue, yellow, and red rings of the IUA logo.

The mission of the IUA is to:

  • stimulate and disseminate scientific knowledge across the entire field of angiology at the international level
  • facilitate the propagation of new developments in angiology through the organisation of congresses, national and international meetings, seminars, workshops, and through publication of the official journals International Angiology and Vascular Investigation and Therapy
  • promote research worldwide with establishment of committees and commissions to support the various activities related to the study of all aspects of arterial, venous and lymphatic disorders
  • provide a ‘World Vascular Forum’ for researchers and clinicians from all countries across the globe to come together to share their scientific knowledge and experiences in angiology.

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Pan Arab Vascular Surgical Society (PAVSS) is a scientific and professional society established to enhance medical knowledge in the field of Vascular disease including diagnosis, treatment, prevention and to encourage scientific research in the Arab world . In addition, to help regulate the practice of vascular surgery in the Arab Countries.

The mission of this society is to promote best vascular care and practices among Vascular surgeons and Vascular specialists in the Arab world by:

  1. Serve the well being of the vascular patient
  2. Conduct an international vascular surgical meeting annually that will attract and bring together vascular surgeons and vascular specialists from the Arab world and internationally.
  3. Introduce state of the art vascular technology and knowledge in the Arab world
  4. Promote research in the field of vascular surgery and vascular care
  5. Educate the public on vascular diseases and its treatment
  6. Promote job opportunities for consultants and fellows among arab words
  7. Create bi monthly journal to promote research
  8. To affiliate with all local and international vascular societies and with other interventional radiology societies
  9. Run workshops throughout the year to enhance the training of our fellows
  10. Facilitate exchange fellows among arab countries

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One of VSI's aims is to spread awareness on Vascular Surgeons One of the major challenges ahead is to develop awareness among healthcare providers. The awareness program aims at vascular surgeons across the country, advising them on a range of topics related to vascular disease and its incidence, screening, and treatment and providing them with videos, articles, research guides, etc.

Optimized team-based primary care improves the quality, safety, and reliability of care. There are many potential advantages for patients through team-based care. They include enhanced access to care and services with a consistent care team; improved quality, safety, and reliability of care.

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IMAC – Interventional Master Aortic Course has been launched from almost 6 years ago, having an important role to bring together all interested parties in Intervention Aortic including: Vascular SurgeonsInterventional Radiologists and Cardiothoracic Surgeons from around the world to exchange their ideas and knowledge for the enrichment of our specialty and betterment of patient care in Egypt and the Middle East and sequential to the truly successful editions of IMAC series and as a continuum to our vision of being the forum for enriching the region with the latest developments in the field of Intervention Aortic management.

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D-Foot International is a registered international non-profit association under Belgian law promoting the global profile of diabetic foot prevention and care through awareness, guidance, education, research and professional development.

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LSVS is a scientific society created in 1992 by the joint efforts of a group of Lebanese Vascular Surgeons who had the vision to promote vascular surgery among physicians in Lebanon. The initial periodic meetings of the society were limited to case presentations by the few members. Since then, the society has continued to grow and includes in its membership vascular surgeons, angiologists and medical vascular specialists from Lebanon. As its membership grew, the society expanded its reach and to turned its annual meeting into a regional and international congress. In 2007, the LSVS organized and held its 1st International Vascular Surgery meeting in Lebanon. It was attended by vascular surgeons, angiologists, and radiologists from Lebanon and the Middle East.

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